4 Reasons Not to Install iPadOS 14.2 & 10 Reasons You Should
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4 Reasons Not to Install iPadOS 14.2 & 10 Reasons You Should



Install iPadOS 14.2 for New Emojis

Install iPadOS 14.2 for New Emojis

If you use emoji when chatting with friends and family, you'll want to install iPadOS 14.2.

iPadOS 14.2 brings over 100 new emoji characters to the iPad's keyboard. The list includes ninja, smiling face with tear, disguised face, lungs, beaver, dodo, and a whole lot more.

Unfortunately, the only way you'll be able to use, and see, these characters in messages is via the iPadOS 14.2 update.

If you don't have iPadOS 14.2 installed, the characters will show up as a weird symbol when your friends send them to you in a conversation.

If you're moving your iPad up from iPadOS 13, you'll get Emoji Search with your upgrade. 

If you're unfamiliar with Emoji Search, it provides you with a search field for the emoji keyboard lets you search for the perfect emoji.

So for instance you can type in a common word or phrase like "heart" or "smiley face" and you will be presented with the correct emoji.

It's a feature many iOS and iPadOS users have been asking for and it's extremely useful given how vast the emoji library is these days. 

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