8 Reasons to Wait for the iPhone 13 & 5 Reasons Not To
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8 Reasons to Wait for the iPhone 13 & 5 Reasons Not To



Wait If You Hate Dealing with Cords

Wait If You Hate Dealing with Cords

If you already use wireless charging or if you hate dealing with cords, you might want to wait for the iPhone 13. 

It's very early so take this with a huge grain of salt, but it sounds like Apple might release a port-less iPhone next year.

The rumor comes from leaker Jon Prosser who says Apple will release an iPhone without Lightning, or USB-C, next year. 

LeaksApplePro says the iPhone 13 won't have any ports and will instead charge via MagSafe or SmartConnector.

There are some potential hurdles. For example, if an iPhone stops working, users need to restore the device’s firmware using a Mac or Windows PC. That could change down the road.

iOS 13.4 beta testers found a new feature called “OS Recovery” which looks like it could provide iPhone users with a new way to restore their device without having to connect it to a computer. 

Keep all of this in mind as you look for your next device. 

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