5 Reasons to Buy AirPods Pro & 3 Reasons Not To
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5 Reasons to Buy AirPods Pro & 3 Reasons Not To



Buy for a New Design and Fit

Buy for a New Design and Fit

Apple changed the AirPods design for the AirPods Pro. Apple says these will be more comfortable with a better fit, and a seal to deliver better sound. 

The new AirPods use a vent system to prevent the discomfort that comes with wearing in-ear headphones with a seal for long periods. This is something that the Jabra Elite 75t also uses. 

I am able to wear the AirPods Pro for extended periods without discomfort, though when I wear them while working out I often need to remove one earbud several times due to sweat creating a weird feeling with the seal. 

The new design includes three sets of soft silicone ear tips to fit a wider range of ears. The new design includes a bigger case to accommodate the new style. 

All AirPods Pro comes with Qi charging standard and you can also charge with Lightning. Apple includes a USB C to Lightning cable. 

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