8 Reasons to Wait for the OnePlus 8 & 4 Reasons Not To
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8 Reasons to Wait for the OnePlus 8 & 4 Reasons Not To



Wait If You Don't Want a Notch

Wait If You Don't Want a Notch

If you don't want a notch or forehead and bezels around the screen of your phone, wait for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. They're the only big brand that completely did away with them here in the United States. 

The Galaxy S10, Note 10, iPhone 11 Pro, Pixel 4 XL, and everyone else has cutouts, notches, or foreheads above the screen somewhere. Something to interrupt an otherwise beautiful all-display experience. Well, aside from OnePlus. 

Basically, if you want a big, beautiful bezel-free screen you'll want to wait for the OnePlus 8. There is a small chance the smaller and more affordable OnePlus 8 has a camera in the screen, while the 8 Pro sticks to a pop-up. We're not really sure. New leaks say the 8 Pro will ditch the pop-up for an in-display camera, basically hitting feature-parity with the Galaxy S20 line. 

This image teases the "under-screen" tech, although when this technology finally arrives you'll never see the front-facing camera as you do in this image. It's invisible, hidden, and you have a full-screen with no interruptions. It only appears when you're actually using the front camera.

We don't know if that's coming yet or not. OnePlus might save the hiding camera technology for the 8T in late 2020. 

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