8 Reasons to Wait for the OnePlus 8 & 4 Reasons Not To
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8 Reasons to Wait for the OnePlus 8 & 4 Reasons Not To



Wait for Three Models

Wait for Three Models

We want to also suggest waiting for the OnePlus 8 simply because the company will once again release at least two phones to better compete with Samsung, Apple, and Google. In fact, we're hearing they'll offer a OnePlus 8 Lite, OnePlus 8, and the bigger OnePlus 8 Pro. 

In early 2019 they released a regular and a Pro version of the OnePlus 7, but only the Pro was available in the United States. 

For 2020 we believe they'll offer an improved 6.5-inch OnePlus 8 with some pretty impressive specs around $600, which may or may not be available in the US, the bigger 6.7 or 6.8-inch main OnePlus 8 Pro (with 5G) to compete with the Galaxy S20 family, and then an even cheaper OnePlus 8 Lite that'll likely hit US carriers for under $499

We're hearing the Lite model will have a 6.4-inch flat display and be the smallest and most affordable option. Then, the OnePlus 8 Pro will pack a bigger 6.6 or even 6.8-inch Quad-HD 120 Hz display and be one of the biggest, best, fastest phones available for the entire year. And it'll do that for under $800. 

Basically, don't be surprised when OnePlus again gives buyers and fans several screen sizes and price points that make you seriously consider it over the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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